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TotalCon appearence Links

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Game designer panel

Convention Prep (Heroes, Jedi and HORROR)

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So TotalCon is next week and I am prepping for my games.

On the schedule are 2 non-company events: GI Joe and Star Wars. Both use Fuzion Bloks, a version of Fuzion I designed based off of R. Talsorian’s Fuzion System.

The other two events are G-Core and Guardian Universe CST.

This time around I am not relying on maps and minis. I want to run my sessions the old fashion way: story telling! I will have minis for people that need to see where other characters are in relation to them.

Yesterday I did Star Wars prep. The scenario is basic, but the encounters not so much. To help me inspire me I put on Revenge of the Sith for background noise. I wanted something fun, yet dark for an adventure. Mandalorians always make for fun. So do freakish Dark Jedi. I have both. No Sith Lords like I usually do. Last time I posted a convention text online, Darth Plagus ended up in a Star Wars film. Flattered yes, surprised, very much so. Funny stuff. What is the mission? Destroy a Seperatist super weapon! Players will get bookmark sized character sheets with full stats and pictures pulled from various online sources. I even did one original piece, but nothing worth bragging about.

Today I am working on Guardian Universe Covert Strike Teams. Using the core book (Fuzion Bloks based) I will be running part 1 of an end of product line event. Because GUCST didn’t sell well, I thought a convention series would be cool. In the first segment, players (Red Cell and UN Specials) raid an island with a very special hospital and a very special patient. Senator Reid’s daughter is here and there is something VERY wrong. Of course the hospital is run by Pheonix International, the current holders of REBIRTH. Thrown in the mix: Vampire Commandos! Not sure WHERE I am taking this first part. I have a hospital map I did. I think for everything else I will dig out my Resident Evil guidebooks for maps. Again, I will not be doing minis and maps. While working on this piece I have had Resident Evil 2 and Planet Terror playing in the background. You really need the screams and moans to get into the real feel.  Like with Star Wars, players will get the same sized sheets. The art will be original, however.

Later this weekend I will pick away at GI Joe and G-Core.

After TotalCon, all material will be posted for free for fans. Star Wars and GI Joe material will be available via the iNDiRPG site because they are fan-based works and NOT licensed products. G-Core material and GUCST will be on the DGBG website.

Research and Design (The Ancient 8 Part 2)

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So today I finished the text for the Ancient 8.


So what did I find as I worked through the material?

For one you can’t have an Avatar. So instead we have the Omni-Prophet, a cosmic being that lives in one human per 100 years. But I still wanted something really original. So for you Bean Town fans, I called on the Balston Group to bring us something new. Instead of a simple child, we have a genetically engineered super being who has become the Omni-Prophet (or OP). I even gave it a little Firestarter action to really push the little bugger. Of course I have Chinese influence added. The OP calls himself ‘Wu’ after Wu Xing, the 5 elements.

What we are going to see more of is the Balston Group and their influence behind the scenes. We need it in a game setting where corporations have really worked behind the scenes to make things happen. I have used Freelance International and Kryton Enterprises for the last 20+ years. Time to introduce something new.

A true newbye gaming session of D&D

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Compliments of Community.

Researching and Design (The Ancient 8) Part 1

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After I had my gall bladder out I ended up spending a lot of time on the couch. That is where I got my exposure to Jersey Shore, Teen Moms 2 and of course Avatar the Last Airbender. Now while I enjoy watching Jersey Shore, Avatar really sucked my wife and I in. I even started drinking Jasmine Dragon Tea (and I HATE TEA!). What a great show. My kids even asked about playing G-Core Avatar. Also during this time I was falling behind in my G-Core stuff. When I had mentioned the Future 5, Blix asked about the Ancient 8. I laughed at first. There were so many G-Core titles lined up it was never going to happen. But then I decided that because of schedule demands and my desire for Chicago to be really well thought out, I would instead release The Ancient 8 instead.

Inspired by Avatar, I went through and began thinking about ‘how would those heroes translate into the modern Guardian Universe?’.  

First I needed to look at the concept. We obviously can’t have an Avatar or those specific characters. But we can have characters with similar powers. I didn’t want photocopy characters either with the names filed off. I pride myself off of originality. The first thing I did was give them all Immortality: Reincarnation. So the characters in the Ancient 8 will actually be reincarnated heroes.

So we are starting with qi (Chinese for Earth) or KiKi. I wanted a name close to the Chinese equivalent. So if you put qi and qi together, it sounds like KiKi. In Avatar she is Toph, the blind tom-boy who can bend Earth and see through ground sonar. So we’ll give KiKi Earth Control and Super Touch. She will also be blind. This will give us all the same powers and abilities. But the history will have to be drastically different. I mentioned past lives, only giving a possible glimpse that KiKi could be played as Toph. And I STRESS could. Her background in the modern world is one of pain and loss. This drives her to become nomadic. The development also helps explain the attitude she can give off. A true character has a reason for everything. A poorly written background can leave the reader or gamer bored. So KiKi might have a cute name, but she feels truly alone. Of course to learn more you’ll need to buy The Ancient 8, to see where I went with it.

More to come.

Building before writing

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I’m sitting here building the CGI figures for the upcoming Chicago PDF for G-Core. I find if I create the figures first I can actually write about them better later.

There are many pros and cons to using Poser. Pros being I can do it all myself. The cons being some limit to what I can design. Although my Photoshop skills have improved enough where I can get past most of those humps.

Right now I’m working on Dregg, a tribute character to James Carpio. He’s kinda like the Shadow in some ways. Considering that Chicago is a ‘super power free’ city, all the characters will need to be old school vigilante style.

I’ve always enjoyed the Shadow. When I was stationed in Phili, I would introduce myself as Lamont Cranston. I dressed in a black suit and wore a black trench. It was pretty funny for the time. I even used to sit in the subway stations and see if I could stop muggers. Ironically enough, one late night while heading back to the Navy base, I actually stopped a guy from mugging a lady in the back car. When she asked for my name I told her Lamont and disappeared pretty quick. I got a lecture from the Command Chief sometime later about vigilantes in the subways. So my answer to that, I moved into the alleys. That got me in more trouble when a mugger ran into the streets after I ambushed him and he got hit by a car on South Street. Add to that some of my shipmates liked the idea and were going to work randomly across Phili. By the end of the month we were all getting a ‘No Vigilante’ order at any time or anywhere! But I have to say, that short stint was pretty exciting. I wouldn’t recommend it now, however. Phili is NOT like it used to be in the 90s. Too many guns and murders. You’d need to be equipped like Batman to even make a dent in that type of atmosphere.

As for more Shadow. As odd as it may sound, I really loved the Taylor Dayne version of ‘Original Sin’ off the Shadow movie soundtrack. Meat Loaf did one too, but Taylor could really belt it out. I used to sing it while walking the streets of Phili at night. I mean come on “I’ve been looking for an original sin, one with a twist and a bit of a spin, and since Ive done all the old ones, till they’ve all been done in” is a great set of lyrics!

Ok. Back to working on Dregg.

The Origin Of Dilly Green Bean Games

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So where did DGBG come from?

Jason Amerkanian and I have been best friends for over 20 years. As kids we used to play the classic Marvel Superheroes RPG (FASERIP). And we didn’t just play it every now and then, we played every weekend. Epic games and campaigns! We later moved to Heroes Unlimited and Macross, which got house rules make-overs.

In 2000, I had just gotten into the RPG scene. You want to talk about flames of hell raining down upon me. The who’s who of industry divas made it an everyday thing to try and drive away new talent, including me. I met with Jay and talked to him about starting our own game design business as a hobby. Something that we could run and not have to deal with the diva crowd. He liked the idea and we started to brainstorm names. Then it hit us. Every weekend we’d go into the root cellar and swipe a jar of my mother’s homemade dilly green beans. We’d wipe them out in one sitting! We laughed about it and then decided that no one out there would have the name Dilly Green Bean Games. Shazaam! And that’s how we got our name!

Of course the next step was to get started finding a printer. Gold Rush Games gave me a great idea (although I don’t think that was Mark’s intention). I was looking at an invoice that had the name Lightning Source on it. So I did some leg work and found out about this really easy to use Print on Demand company. They would not only print our games but distribute to all the major bookstores. In that instant, we were in.

There are many more stories to come. From our crossover to Fuzion to the drunk driver that hit us at I-CON, almost ending DGBG forever. I’m going to get into it all.

So what does the future hold for DGBG?

I am currently trying to put out G-Core products weekly, although being a one man design machine can be difficult.  I still need to finish the comic strips for Xandoria Galaxies. Then there is my top secret project I have been picking away at every Summer. Good stuff!

Of course I would be insane if I didn’t thank the iNDiRPG crew for getting me this far: Blix, Dregg and Norbert. There is also Knighthawk. The fans are the other driving force. From Curt Meyer, who helped spawn TBS, to Gerry Saracco who has been on my case since the release of G-Core. All great guys and I couldn’t do this without their support.

Our ultimate goal at DGBG isn’t to make loads of money. We’ve always kept our prices low because we know that gaming is a hobby and everyone should be able to play games, not just those with lots of money (just look at the price of almost every game in print today).


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Welcome to the Dilly Green Bean Games Almanac!

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Jay Libby is known for his work as Dilly Green Bean Games Co-Owner, artist and writer. He has also done freelance art for R. Talsorian Games. His game contributing writing credits include Gangs of Night City and Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space: Aliens and Creatures. Jay has also written the hard-hitting memoir: The Not-So-Right Way to Survive Cancer Part 2.