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Postcards from the Dungeon Podcast Interview with Jay Libby

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Check out the Podcast interview with Postcards from the Dungeon!

Thank you Steve for a great interview!

Elisabeth Sladen, Farewell

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Today I found out that Elisbeth Sladen, famous for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Dr. Who, lost her battle with cancer. Growing up I always had a thing for Sarah Jane. While my friends were digging swimsuit models and Princes Leia, I was gaga over this investigative reporter who was following the Doctor through time and space.

Cancer takes many celebs. It takes many people. I should know best. As the sole survivor of a cancer study, I can say too many good people die just when life is launching them into wonderful places. I have already got my tears out for the loss of Sladen. Another wonderful person lost to cancer. May her memory live on in repeats of Dr. Who and Sarah Jane Adventures. I also hope they give her a proper send-off in Dr. Who. Farewell, Sarah Jane. I’ll leave the light on for you.

~Jay Libby