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The dead. Growing up I always had a fear of zombies. Every night it was nightmare after nightmare about the zombie apocalypse. Of course now I love zombie films and stories. But I am picky. I hate campy. Films like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland had camp, but it also had the reality of the horror.

And of course there is Marvel Zombies. When I first saw these comics I was all excited. But last year after the investment in the trade paperbacks I wish I hadn’t. Just silly zombie stories. That all they were. Fantastic horror art with a story a kid could have improved upon. I threw the books on the shelf and refused to dig into them EVER again.

Never say never…

DEAD G-Core. I was bored this week, having just finished the last of 20 new Guardians for an upcoming G-Core product, I needed something fun and fast. My night reading had been giving me strange ideas. Marvel Comic’s Chaos War was this week’s bedtime reading. Again, another BAD Marvel pick. But one of the side stories, Chaos Wars: Avengers was really cool. Dead Avengers back from the dead doing classic stuff. No camp, just a good read. So I sat down the next night after a brain explosion on the way home from work and typed up 5 lines of rules. Those rules were for playing dead heroes. Now these weren’t totally original. WAY back in my high school days my friends and I pounded out some concepts for zombie gaming, but never did anything with them. So the following day I went to work typing up all the rules. When I finished I realized that I had done character creation rules for Marvel Zombies, totally by accident. It was cool, but not complete. I pulled those darn Marvel Zombies books off the shelf and looked to see what else I could use for zombie rules. I tweeked some material and threw it together.

The Guardian Universe III Connection

In the upcoming Omega and Guardians, players and game masters will meet a Guardian named Brood. He is a parasitic hero who can teleport and also break his body down into a cloud. Of course when he teleports he leaves a cloud behind….made up of microscopic parasites…him. Over the years lots of people have breathed in the parasites and they have remained dormant. My idea for DEAD G-Core came from a ‘what if’ scenario. What if Brood was killed and his parasites started consuming everyone they had infected? Zombies! It would create zombies! So you will see a quick plug for GUIII in the DEAD G-Core PDF too.  

In other news….the Centers for Disease Control have released a pamphlet on ‘How to Survive a Zombie Outbreak’. Personally I would suggest just watching The Walking Dead.

Fan talks about G-Core

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