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Xandoria Galaxies

Posted in Design by Administrator on the June 10th, 2011

So it’s Summer time and I have begun working heavily on Xandoria Galaxies. This is my follow-up to the Phantasy Star Tribute RPG: Xandoria Saga Collection, which was Fuzion based.

So what’s new and different?

I am using a variant mechanic from G-Core and Basic V. The game will be compatible with the actual video games for the most part. If you have any of the guide books you will be able to pull monsters from it with very little tweeking. As someone who isn’t a math beast, converting a video game to a playable tabletop mechanic isn’t easy. Luckily, Basic V had all the things I needed. People just need to keep in mind that this ISN’T Phantasy Star, but you can play it using the game.

The setting has progressed. In Xandoria, players were on a world that was becoming overrun with evil. It was hard to tell who was on who’s side. There were tons of cool mysteries. The big one was who the heck was SHIVA? In Xandoria players could travel to an island where robots were running amok and their leader was a six-armed robot calling itself SHIVA. But the robot wasn’t the real issue, it was the SHIVA Agenda that was. The Oracle and just about anything amazing was connected to this sinister plot. But we didn’t tell anyone what the truth was. It was what made Xandoria so cool. There was always mystery and the Game Master could run speculation games, but never have the truth.

In Xandoria Galaxies, players are on a ship that fled Xandoria when the Darkness escaped. With no home-world, players are stuck traveling through space looking for a home. Of course there is the mysterious Santha Prime colony ship that is causing problems for everyone. A family’s sin is coming back to haunt players. Fans of Xandoria are going to get all excited about the connections. We also reveal the truth behind SHIVA and it’s BIG. And with all that the Darkness is reaching out to touch someone.

Game play is VERY videogame-like. Great for maps and minis! When we were play-testing my kids used Legos and Mega Bloks. Monsters were pretty much any toy my eight year old could find and she even statted them out correctly. The game is very friendly towards kids (boys and girls). As someone who has played lots of Warhammer 40K and other mini based games, I think the Japanese mini collector is going to want this game to make use of figs.

We did get rid of the Dogpas (although you can find CharGen rules for them in a free PDF on the Xandoria Galaxies page). There is severe tension between humans and androids (dolls). We have added the Hy-Men, a race of clones that are very magical in every sense. They have replaced the brutish Dogpas. That’s not to say that there aren’t any in the game. They just don’t have major influence and control.

I also made sure to give players the ability to travel around the ship and hang out. I loved this about Phantasy Star Universe. So I created a bunch of non-combat NPCs for players to interact with. Each one has a special personality.

Of course the big thing is the comic that I have integrated into the core book. It is there to help players and Game Masters get a feel for the setting and people. Koshi, the elf-looking girl from Xandoria has been replaced with Ko*C*Nee, an obnoxious doll. But the story itself is about Nene, a Hy-Men hunter, who is sent on a mission by the president of Olympus (the ship everyone lives on).

Hopefully this will peak some interest.