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G-Core Review

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the October 12th, 2011

Here is another killer G-Core review. You will need to right click and save (it’s a podcast). Thank you to Walt for giving G-Core a great review!


Spooky Beans and DGBG News

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Our good buddy and friend, James Carpio has just launched his Kickstarter for the game Spooky Beans. I have seen a lot of material for this game and I can tell you this will be #1 for some time to come. HIGHLY recommended. So head on over to Kickstarter and support Spooky Beans!


In DGBG news:

I am trying to finish up the sequel to last year’s Monsters’ Twilight. The first PDF had all the classic movie monsters. This time around I will be introducing the Unhinged. The PDF won’t be kid friendly.

So what are the Unhinged? They are a collection of terrifying killers who have haunted urban legends throughout the last 20 years. Thought captured, they have just been freed by the Dark Saracco (G-Core Christmas freebie) and his masters the Horde (I, Alone). This PDF will be leading into the Guardian Universe: Dark Days series. While the Guardians are busy fighting aliens, criminals and each other, the Horde has arrived and it’s up to the Twilight Order to stop them! Guest staring all sorts of Guardian Universe heroes from the ENTIRE product series!

In other news, I am working on Chronicle Double ZERO: Book 1. There is a load of material so far. We will be adding to the back of the book: Double ZERO EX, a Fuzion add-on for Fuzion players. Book 1 has gotten the support of Mike Pondsmith. Book 1 is a Cyberpunk themed game set in an alternate universe of the Chronicle 001 game series (Fuzion). G-Core and Fuzion fans are going to want this baby.

And of course in other great news, we want to welcome Mike Pondsmith back to the industry. He has TONS of ideas and he is making them happen. Mike has been my personal mentor in the industry over the last nine years, even when he was missing from the scene. Having him back makes me proud to know the legend!

Oh….and Happy Birthday G-Core! It’s been a year since we launched the modern FASERIP game mechanics! Since then we have had great success at conventions and in online sales! And guess what? We still managed to keep our prices reasonable! $2.50 gets you the core rules and GM Screen at RPGnow. And our other products for G-Core are still $1.50-.75 cents! We have a lot more coming! So thank you fans for all the support!