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The Redemption of Warren Ellis

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the August 17th, 2012

After my Black Summer review I read two very DIFFERENT graphic novels by Warren Ellis. And I was very happy!

The first was NO HERO. This story was about a hippy who accidently created super version of LSD that had special properties: people who take it get powers….usually. So Carrick starts this secret order from where he manipulates the world using his super humans. The concept of hand picking heroes and creating them was pretty well thought out. The story was better. Summed up: the world governments have finally found a way to kill the super humans and are out for revenge. This leaves Carrick and his crew in a spot, as one hero after another dies. Now the term ‘hero’ is pretty loose here. They are far from your Superman happy types, instead they are more like your Authority style mental cases with baggage. But the plot twist comes with a guy who really wants to be a hero and runs around the city playing vigilante. He eventually gets noticed and Carrick offers him a gig. But when you take the ‘super drug’ you turn into whatever you really are inside. It took me a bit, but I didn’t catch on at first when the guy’s skin fell off…LOL.

Anyways, NO HERO was a good choice. If you are looking for something that isn’t DC or Marvel, this is a must read.

Now second up was SUPERGOD and I have to say this was the best read all year. Imagine a world where each country makes their own superhuman. Now we are not talking Wolverine, we are talking GOD scale heroes. And then imagine them being so dangerous that they could destroy the planet. That is what SUPERGOD is about. It’s mostly a series of unfortunate events that cause each superhuman to come together in a nasty battle, compliments of the Krishna (the superhuman from India) who has decided to wipe out all the bad and recreate it in its own image. The whole story is told by a researcher from England who was a handler that country’s superhuman. Every section is epic and SUPERGOD is hard to put down once you start reading. Warren Ellis gives you a GRADE A piece here.

Thank you Warren Ellis for restoring my faith in you.

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