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Cyberpunk vs. Cyberpunk

Posted in Design by Administrator on the July 13th, 2013

The Cyberpunk vs. The Cyberpunk

Some people have asked about Chronicle 00: Book 1 and how close is it to actual ‘cyberpunk’. I like to call R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk and all the other ‘cyberpunk’ games: Cyberpunk Fantastic. These are games that take you past the realm of realistic and into a world that would exist if there were no restraints on technology. While Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk is visionary and practically dead on when it comes to loads of current innovations, he also takes it to the next level, offering technology that ‘should’ be that isn’t.

So what do I mean by no technological restraints?

Look at all the laws in just the United States alone that hamper innovation. Politicians like to say they are supporting it, but they aren’t. President Obama preaches this every time he steps in front of a teleprompter, but he is the same man who instructed NASA to start reaching out to Muslim nations and scrapped the shuttle replacement program and future moon missions. Before that was President Bush, who did nothing to get us back on the moon and before that President Clinton….you get the idea. And when you throw in tons of regulations for business and so on, Mike Pondsmith’s brilliant vision gets delayed. So when you look at CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, you see Cyberpunk ‘Fantastic’ (possibly). The timeline has been moved from 203X to about 40 years past the last version of Cyberpunk. So in theory, if the technology doesn’t exist by 2077, the game will become Cyberpunk ‘Fantastic’ and if it exists Cyberpunk 2077 will be ‘cyberpunk’.  

So where does Chronicle 00: Book 1 fit into the ‘cyberpunk’ genre?

Instead of going Cyberpunk ‘Fantastic’, I took the game into the ‘realistic’ Cyberpunk. I took into account the ridiculous progress of technology today, government failure, and corporate bailouts. I then applied that to the setting. So in C00B1′s history, governments demonized corporations, taxed their citizens and eventually the world governments went bankrupt from too much social spending and not enough GDP. And right as the world is on the brink of riots and chaos, those same demonized corporations swoop in and safe the day. The game setting in itself is a lesson about overreach of government. As for the corporations in the game, they aren’t really the enemy, although each have their own bad apples just like with any company.  And players represent the people ‘living’ in their world. They all have lives, friends, jobs and personal demons. It’s one of the reasons why C00B1 has been called ‘immersive’. Although, C00B1 has its own share of ‘fantastic’ with things like the Hyperions and MASKs.

So what do I want you to get from this?

Cyberpunk Fantastic: Flying cars, particle weapons, wars in the streets

Cyberpunk: Cyber-implants, hackers, media manipulation, covert intrigue

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