Dilly Green Bean Games is based in Gorham, Maine. Since 2001, we have brought to the pen and paper
game industry affordable and fun games. We have been the runner up in the INDY Awards and
nominated for a Publisher Fan Award in the prestigious ENnies. Our house system TBS received 5 Stars
by Gaming Report as well as our modern take on the classic FASERIP system, which we call G-Core. As
years go by our games just keep getting better and the prices stay the same. Where can you buy a
300 page game for under $25? Nowhere, but here at Dilly Green Bean Games!

In addition to our game design, we also work with local charities.

DGBG will NOT publish hate material. We also DO NOT take submissions.

DBGB uses a POD system and distributes through Ingram Books. This means our books are available
in many stores. We produce both color and black and white books.

DGBG is part of
WWW.iNDirpg.com and a proud supporter of National Games Week.

Want more info?
Feel free to e-mail us at Dillygreenbeangames@dillygreenbeangames.com

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Dilly Green Bean Games
A Maine based Company
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Due to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we at Dilly Green Bean Games will
be scaling back on our dark games and focusing on more family friendly 'lesson' games.
Chronicle 00: Book 1 will not be scaled back, but future G-Core releases will be. This fits
with our company's Morality Clause. No one should ever murder a child and we will no
longer participate in the production of senselessly violent games that have swamped our