Kids, the future of gaming. But how do you get that kid into the game?
Well we at Dilly Green Bean Games have come up with the solution by
allowing a 10 year old to design and develop a game system for
newcomers. She calls this project: KaPookie Theatre.

So what is KaPookie Theatre? It's a quick set of rules to introduce kids to
role-playing. There aren't mountains of text or complex math problems
here. It's a straight up starter for anyone curious about gaming. Best of all
it comes from the mind of an imaginative girl, who LOVES gaming!

In this PDF you get all you need to throw together quick, fun games that
allow evolution of character. All you need is an eight-sided die and a

These core rules focuse on FANTASY GAMING.

If KaPookie Theatre sells 100 copies, we at Dilly Green Bean Games will
develop this into a boxed set!

The Core Rules include materials needed for Fantasy gaming.
KaPookie Theatre
Core Rules
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