Jason Amerkanian
Role: Accounting
Jason Amerkanian is the math mind
behind Dilly Green Bean Games. As
kids he and Jay used to game every
weekend. It was this experience that
created a life-long friendship. Jason
later joined the US Army, but always
remained in contact with Jay. When
Jason returned, Jay and Jason
decided it was time to turn their hobby
into a business.
Jason works at a major payroll

Jason is vital to the function of Dilly
Green Bean Games.
Jay Libby
Role: Art/Design/Writing
Jay Libby is the designer mind behind
Dilly Green Bean Games. As you read
in Jason's profile, he and Jay would
game every weekend. It was this
experience that helped Jay create the
original Guardian Universe. When Jay
returned from the Navy, he and Jason
formed Dilly Green Bean Games.

Jay Libby has experience in the
industry working for heavy hitters like
R. Talsorian Games and Cubicle 7. He
was even offered a teaching position
at DigiPen teaching writing for game
designers. Currently Jay teaches
Communications and College Writing
for the State of Maine Community
College System.

Professional Credits include:
Cyberpunk v3: Gangs of Night City
(Cover artist/Contributing Writer)
Cyberpunk v3 Flash Pack (Cover Artist)
Cyberpunk v3: Edgerunners (Cover and
interior artist)
Doctor Who: AiTaS: Aliens and Creatures
(Contributing writer)
G-Core (Designer)
Xandoria Galaxies (Designer)
Chronicle 00: Book 1 (Artist/Designer)
Gygax Magazine Issue #2
(Contributing Writer)
Scottie Miller
Good games come from playtesting.
But not with experiences gamers, but
with rookies. It's only then that you
can see what works.

Scottie is that guy. Drafted to playtest
Chronicle 00: Book 1, Scottie has
been a fantastic asset to the company.
Additional Playtesters

Douglas Poirier

Chris Thiele
(Friend of the company)

Mike Gannet
(Friend of the company)

Sadie and Mia
(Playtest Daughters)

TotalCon Event Players
Renee Libby
Renee Libby is the editing
mastermind of Dilly Green Bean
Games. When not working at that she
is the regional HR director for a
healthcare company.
The Beast
The Beast is the daughter of Renee
and Jay Libby. She is the creative
mind behind KaPookie Theatre. When
she's not working on that she is
watching lots of Gundam and taunting
Mike Pondsmith. She has been given
the honorary title of: MEKTON Girl by
R. Talsorian Games.