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The Basic System©
Dilly Green Bean Games
All Rights Reserved
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Written By:
J. Parker

With Creative Input by:
Norbert Franz
Jason Libby
Jason Amerkanian
Wil Upton
The Basic System came in second place at the
RPG Indi Awards for best FREE RPG!
ated 5 STARS!
by Gaming Report!
TBS Genre
TBS 1980s
Sleuths and
Lawyers mini
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What is The Basic
More Reviews
in PDF
A very in depth review
by Norbert Franz
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The Basic System or TBS
was designed by gamers
for gamers. With so many
systems out on the market
today, it costs serious
money to keep up with
what's trendy. Well now you
don't have to fork out your
money for overpriced
books. All you need is the
TBS PDF rules and you
can walk into ANY game
book put out by the heavy
hitters today.
Your Quick
Start rules for
SCI-FI gaming!
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Now is your chance to check out Power
Generator for The Basic System! Get
your superhero games off to a killer
start with this simple set of rules for
creation of powers, magic, psionics
and anything else you can imagine.
Best of all it's only 3 pages long and
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TBS Cosmic.
Quick start
rules for
Cosmic level
games with
more powers
and now
Cosmic Item
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Own TBS Product?
How Easy can it be?
Well now you can! What does it take? Because TBS is
owned by Dilly Green Bean Games, you must make sure
that you use the proper copyright information. We will
provide you with the Text file for TBS. From there you
may go anywhere you wish, but remember DGBG has
certain standards (no pornography or hate material). We
don't have contracts for you to sign, or licenses to follow.
No legal crud except copyright. Here is a quick checklist
of things you need to include in your e-mail to Dilly Green
Bean Games:

* Your name and contact information
* A quick overview of your project
*  Plans for publication (are you going to sell it as a PDF,
send it to print or post it on a fan site)

From there DGBG will quickly look over it and make sure
it's good to go. We'll then contact you within a week of
your request (most of the time same day) about your
project. We will send you the text file to work with. When
you are ready to do your back cover information we will
send you the Blender Production's logo which MUST be
placed on the cover and the back cover. Once your
project is completed just send us the link and a copy of
the project for our archives. That's it. No fees, not a thing.
TBS is that simple.
The Basic System is really
basic. We have taken stats
that have worked for us
over the decades of
gaming and applied them
into one super simple
system. SSS. TBS takes
maybe 10 to 15 minutes to
create characters. It offers
the detail you might want
without all the page surfing
looking for the rules. This is
a system for the gamer that
is sick of the uber
complicated world of
"Industry" trivia.
TBS Mini
Uncanny Divide:
Pandora's Box
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Alien Files
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Aftermath: Patrol in
the Country
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TBS Surge-Plugs
Power Generator
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TBS: Mecha
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Battlesuit Construction PDF
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Building Better Starships
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Psionics PDF
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Magic & Spells
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Super Powers
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Read a Review About The
Basic System
PRODUCT: The Basic System
AUTHOR: J. Parker; Jay Libby
COMPANY: dilly green bean games

(1 being horrid, 5 being Excellent)
Easy to convert rules lite system ... a fun read

The Basic System is Dilly Green Bean Games'
new free pdf download (available as a demo file
for GU Kamakazi edition through
The Basic System is intended as a "bridge
system," allowing easy conversion to d20 and
other popular systems. This seventeen page pdf.
covers attributes ( set similar to d20, Action! or
Fuzion), skills, special abilities and other
elements of character creation. The pdf. also
includes an impressive list of weapons and
armor and even explains giant robot creation.
Combat, experience and other essential rpg
elements are explained of course. The most
exciting aspect of the Basic System for me is
indeed how "basic" it is. I am an old timer who
remembers when role-playing was about playing
the game and not over tweeking characters. My
favorite system of all time is the old Marvel Super
Heroes (MSH) game by TSR. Unlike a lot of other
rules-lite systems in production today, the Basic
System can easily be converted to MSH. The
Basic system doesn't lump all physical
characteristics into one attribute like some
otherwise excellent systems do. The Basic
System is also written with a refreshing sense of
humor. If a bare-bones system book is to hold my
interest, it needs to be fun like this one.  

Review by Curt Meyer
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Converting 2nd Edition AD&D
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Character Sheets
TBS Character Sheet
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